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Creating an ebook from scratch

Down From the Door is a sample of my writing, starting with a poem from my first writing class in undergrad and ending with an excerpt from a work in progress. I first put the collection together while experimenting with hand-binding as a hobby, but after learning how to create an ebook I began polishing it to use as an example.

The writing is mostly from undergrad; the cover was created in CS5 based off a photo I took in 2011. I wrote the code for the .epub file with the black & white Nook in mind, though it should work with most readers.


Pedro Jesús Fernández’s Peón de Rey first caught my eye on a high school trip to Spain. It was one of the few books in a small, cramped bookstore in Granada that wasn’t a translation from the English. At the time I bought it, its reading level was too high for me, but it became a goal to learn enough Spanish to read it. I started working my way up, starting with Spanish translations of Harry Potter. By the time I got to Paulo Coelho’s El Alquimista five years later, I knew I was ready to pull it out again.

I returned to this book for my final project in a translation class at Emerson. I enjoyed it in Spanish; now I’d like to share it in English. Peón de Rey is a political intrigue, set in thirteenth century Spain and following the route of the Road to Santiago. The story is set up in the introduction by the discovery of a first-hand account of the events in an old desk. The rest of the book is that first-hand account.

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